Hands & Feet

Mens's Cleansing Back Treatment

Hands & Feet Treatments for Men!

Hands are one of most noticed parts of the body and can reveal more about our lifestyle than nearly any part of the body. What are your hands telling others about you? We are here to ensure that your hands and feet are in the best possible condition, so pamper your hands and feet with this wonderful nurturing experience.

Venus Freeze Hand Treatment
Hand Treatment

A manicure with intense rehydrating therapy for dry or over sanitised hands. Combined with an oil treatment and pressure point massage.

For an additional £10.00 we can include a soothing warm paraffin wax treatment.

Foot Treatment

Enjoy a relaxing foot soak before working on the nails, cuticles and exfoliating the feet. Experience a foot massage for the ultimate pampering appearance. For an additional £10.00 we can include a soothing, warm sweet oil treatment or soothing paraffin wax.


Focusing on the pressure points of the feet, your therapist will restore your body’s natural balance by working the reflexology meridian lines.

Deluxe Reflexology

This treatment begins with a vitalising, skin-softening foot scrub, preparing and intensively moisturising the feet for a deeply relaxing full foot reflexology treatment, working on the reflexology meridian lines to restore the body’s natural energy balance.

Please Note: We also stock a full range of retail products to support your home regime, just ask your therapist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I combine treatments?

The short answer is yes, some of the treatments can be combined and complement each other.

Q: Can You Recommend The Type Of Treatment I Should Have?

The short answer is yes. We can offer you a consultation and determine what body treatment will best work for you.

Q: Can I book block session treatments?

Yes, you can. In fact, with some treatments, we would advise booking a block to see the full benefits.

Q: I Have Severe Pain In My Feet, What Can You Suggest?

Our reflexology treatment can often ease pain in just a few treatments.