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Mens's Cleansing Back Treatment

Body Treatments for Men

At Tranquilstate, we undertake a full body skin analysis as part your assessment process to ensure that treatments are both bespoke and holistic taking full account of your skin and body care needs. Our wraps nourish and detoxify, beginning with exfoliation, tailored to your skin type, to achieve maximum benefit.

Most popular treatments For Men!

Dermalogica Cleansing Back Treatment
£60.00 (45 mins)

This back scrub, followed by a calming seaweed / mud mask draws impurities out of the skin, deeply cleanses, balances, and normalises problem areas, while improving the appearance of blemished skin, It is followed by a relaxing back massage treatment. (You can also include a 30min LED Light Therapy session as an add on) which is good for acne & skin prone to breakouts.

Ask for more information when booking.

Full Body Scrub
£90.00 (60 mins)
Sylvester’s Signature Bottom Treatment
£100.00 (60 mins)

The bottom treatment is a specialised treatment for those who would like a smooth unblemished bottom. This involves cleansing and removing any impurities on the area followed by a peel which is fantastic for clearing congestion and spotty bottoms. Finishing the treatment off with a firming massage.

(Firming and toning of the buttocks is available with our Venus Freeze body contouring treatment as an add on. Ask for details when booking.)

Seaweed & Mud Wrap
£90.00 (70 mins)

Enjoy a wonderful aroma steam followed by natural body brushing then a nourishing seaweed / mud masque to heal & hydrate the skin. This treatment includes a soothing scalp massage or a mini facial massage. Followed by a hydrating moisturising massage leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated.

Hydrating Body Wrap
£90.00 (70 mins)

This thermal body treatment is ideal for premature ageing, dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, and helps to soften and hydrate. This intense body therapy feeds your skin with a unique blend of wheat protein and honey, which hydrates, while ginger and white tea stimulates blood circulation to promote healthier skin. This treatment is ideal at the beginning of summer and during the winter months, when skin is at its driest.

Nourishing Rose Signature Body Wrap
£100.00 (70 mins)

Indulge yourself in luxury, with this bespoke body treatment, using essential oils cream and mist, all created from the rose plant. Enjoy a soft exfoliation of the skin and gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system. Improve the skin’s tone and texture. A deeply relaxing treatment of body, mind, and soul.

Please Note: We have body creams to support your home skincare regime, just ask your therapist. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I combine treatments?

The short answer is yes, some of the treatments can be combined and complement each other.

Q: Can you recommend a Body Treatment?

The short answer is yes. We can offer you a consultation and determine what body treatment will best work for you.

Q: Can I book block session treatments?

Yes, you can. In fact, with some treatments, we would advise booking a block to see the full benefits.

Q: Does a full body scrub hurt?

Short answer is there can be a very slight redness of the skin but this fades within a few hours.